September 9, 2020

Testbed completed for medium frequency R-Mode

Members of the project team and the Danish Maritime Authority have successfully set up the last of eight medium frequency R-Mode transmitters in the Baltic Sea area.

The IALA maritime radio beacon site in Hammerodde (DK) has been equipped with an R-Mode ready modulator. Tests show that the station is successfully transmitting R-Mode ranging signals.
Before the implementation of R-Mode signals at the transmitter site in Hammerodde, the maritime radio beacons in Heligoland (D), Zeven (D), Groß Mohrdorf (D), Kullen (SE), Holmsjoe (SE), Hoburg (SE) and Rosewie (PL) have been equipped with R-Mode ready hardware and are now transmitting R-Mode signals.

The successful deployment of MF R-Mode in the Southern Baltic Sea enables R-Mode based positioning as well as further tests and developments. Measurements are planned to evaluate the R-Mode service in the testbed.