May 27, 2021

R-Mode Baltic Project Conference reviewed

With 169 participants from 29 countries the conference has been an overwhelming success and a great opportunity to deliver an insight into the R-Mode technology and its potential for increased resilience for PNT applications. In 3.5 hours the participants become aware of the dangers for shipping with its solely dependence on GNSS and thus the need for alternatives. The arising possibilities of ranging mode as a new terrestrial navigation system that can serve as a contingency system or a backup system for satellite navigation are casting a positive light on the sooner availability of resilient navigation.

In the two sessions of the conference, speakers provided information on the achievements of R-Mode Baltic project, its test bed installation in the Baltic Sea, the MF and VDES R-Mode research and development work, and the development of R-Mode prototypes for R-Mode transmitters, receivers, and applications. Moreover, successful measurements and trials on real vessels demonstrated that R-Mode can support maritime navigation in coastal areas and port approach.

The worldwide interest emphasize that R-Mode is seen as a technology that can fill the gap that occurred by nearly solely availability of GNSS in the maritime domain. The results of the project are highly encouraging and drive us to continue the work on the R-Mode technology within the R-Mode Baltic test bed.

We would like to thank all the speakers for their participation and enthusiasm. A “thank you” to the audience as well, we received a lot of appreciation and plaudits.

The recorded conference stream and the presentations can be found on the R-Mode Baltic web-site.