January 20, 2022

Webinar on R-Mode for the Baltic Sea Region

The Baltic Sea is from shape and dimension an ideal area for the installation of a terrestrial navigation backup system based on R-Mode technology. During a Webinar the project consortium informed Finish, Danish, Polish and Estonian maritime authorities and maritime service providers about the current status of the R-Mode Baltic test bed and opportunities for the Baltic Sea region. We were focusing on the technology, hardware and application development, a testbed installation and evaluation, prove of new concepts of new concepts and R-Mode standardization.

We thank all participants for their participation and fruitful discussions.


9.00WelcomeDr. Stefan Gewies German Aerospace Center; Project Manager R-Mode Baltic and R-Mode Baltic 2
Benefits from R-Mode – Resilient PNT
Tobias Ehlers German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency
R-Mode Baltic testbed and status of R-Mode standardizationMichael Hoppe German Federal Waterways and Shipping Administration
VDES R-ModePhD Krzysztof Bronk National Institute of Telecommunications
MF R-Mode and
R-Mode perspectives for the Baltic Sea Region
Dr. Stefan Gewies, Lars Grundhöfer German Aerospace Center
Dr. Stefan Gewies
11.00ClosingDr. Stefan Gewies